Autumn in Argentuil
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Claude Monet painted Autumn in Argentuil in 1873, one year after he had completed Impression Sunrise but still one year before exhibiting that painting. The painting depicts Argentuil seen from the banks of the Seine, with the trees on the banks and the reflections of both Argentuil and the trees clearly mirroring themselves in the waters of the Seine.

It is autumn at the time of the painting. Both the title of the painting and the yellow and orange color of the leaves on the trees clearly indicate this. It is also early morning. The varied color of the sky shows us that but, more impressively, so does the light in the painting itself. Monet was a master of the depiction of light. He spend much of his work showing the effects of light and conditions on his subject. This mastery truly shines in this painting where, just by looking, we can clearly feel that it is indeed early morning. You can almost feel the chill morning air on your skin as the sun rises above Argentuil in the background. Claude Monet captured this perfectly and the result is truly a masterpiece.

Autumn in Argentuil is done in Monet’s delicate small but visible brush strokes. This further helps emphasize the striking impression of this beautiful fall morning as details merge in the illuminating morning light.

Autumn in Argentuil can today by found on display at the Courtauld Institute Galleries in London, UK.

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